Hawker 850XP


Passenger Capacity 9 to 11
Baggage Capacity 50 ft3
Airspeed (nm) 447
Cabin width 6'
Cabin Length 21' 4"
Cabin Height 5' 9"
Lavatory Full
Range (nm) 2500-3500

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The Hawker 850XP climbs faster, goes farther, and performs better than its predecessor, the successful 800XP. Certified in 2006, the 850XP benefits from aerodynamic-enhancing winglets, a slight modification that yields significant improvements to overall performance. The 850XP climbs to 39,000 feet two minutes less than its predecessor, and can travel an additional 100 nautical miles - allowing cross-country trips such as Teterboro to San Francisco. Less drag means that the aircraft can travel against headwinds at a high-speed cruise of 448 knots, and requires less fuel. The Hawker 850XP also features upgraded avionics, while its cabin offers stand-up headroom, LCD lighting, touch-screen seat controls, fully-berthable seats and plenty of in-cabin storage.

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