Private Jet Listing Services

private jet brokerWhy choose us to sell your aircraft?

When choosing us to sell your aircraft, you have the peace of mind knowing that you have engaged one of the leading brokerage firms in the industry. We assists in all aspects of the airplane sales process, from market analysis and advertising, to lead generation and closing. Our company resources are dedicated to locate the right buyer for your aircraft and sell it for the highest possible price.

With over 20 years of selling aircraft, we established an aggressive marketing and advertising strategy to face today’s challenging market.  Our sales success contributed to our Industry reputation  for getting our client’s jets sold on-time and at the right prices.  Our clients benefit from our extended trusted network of experts to maximize exposure of our listed aircraft.

Our exclusive Private Aircraft listing services include the following:

  • Aircraft Valuation and Detailed Market Analysis
  • Creation of Aircraft Marketing Package (Professional Photographs and Customized Brochures)
  • Aggressive and Strategic Advertising Campaign (Direct Mail, e-Mail, Print, and Internet Advertising)
  • Lead Generation and Prompt Follow up
  • Weekly Detailed Leads Report
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Oversight of the Pre-purchase Inspection
  • Management of the Transaction Documentation and Closing

Private Jet Listing Service FAQs

It depends on the aircraft and the seller’s price expectations but TPJC have sold listings as fast as nine days. We would tell our clients upfront what timing they should anticipate to sell after our initial review of the aircraft.

The Private Jet Company has a road map for marketing exclusive listings. It includes all public aircraft websites like Controller, Avbuyer, Globalair, Trade a Plane, among others, as well as aviation magazines. TPJC also advertises exclusive listings on websites dedicated to aircraft brokers like Jetnet and Amstat. TPJC does dedicated outreaches via mailings and emails campaigns directly to management companies, operators, current aircraft owners, aircraft owners and brokers associations, and other brokers in the aviation industry.

Yes. Typically, TPJC will coordinate a showing for the buyer and once there is a signed deal, the seller would have to relocate the aircraft to the pre-purchase inspection facility, at which point the seller typically won’t be able use it any longer. TPJC always try to limit the down time so our clients do not stay too long without an aircraft. TPJC can also assist with a temporarily replacement aircraft depending on the client’s flight needs.

The Private Jet Company can certainly coordinate the sale and the replacement project at the same time and try to match the closing dates so you don’t spend time without an aircraft. If you decide to trade in your aircraft, you would lose more value in your traded aircraft but you would save risks and time of owning two aircraft at the same time and subsequent consequences.