Private Jet Consulting

Aircraft Leasing:

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TPJC has completed over dozens of aircraft leases from a Citation Mustang to a Boeing 767-200ER.

Leasing allows a smaller down payment, financial flexibility, no ownership liability, no depreciation, no long term debt or residual value concern.

There are Dry & Wet leases, up-to 60 months terms, anywhere Worldwide with monthly costs between 1 – 3% of aircraft value based on credit rating.

Aircraft Financing:

TPJC has partnerships with leading aircraft lenders Worldwide with many options available.

In addition to the credit worthiness of the borrower the lenders may take in to account aircraft age, material condition of the aircraft, equipment & maintenance status, damage history if any and intended usage.

Aircraft Management Placement:

The large majority of our private jet aircraft acquisition clients place their aircraft with an aircraft management firm.

The role of an aircraft management firm is to provide comprehensive operations, maintenance, training, safety, regulatory and charter services for their client owner aircraft while preserving the value of the aviation asset.

Reducing Aircraft Ownership Expenses:

Ownership of aircraft can be very expensive. TPJC has been able to find ways to help our clients reduce their fixed costs. We have special programs with operators who will pay for the insurance, crew, and maintenance depending on charter use. We also have fleet wide discounts for training, insurance, and WiFi which can provide significant savings.

Private Jet FAQs

Yes. The Private Jet Company has developed ownership programs with select operators where an aircraft owner is paid up to 10% of the aircraft value per year, use 100% depreciation for taxes, fly at direct operating costs, and the operator paying for ALL expenses (scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, crew, insurance,.etc.). Please contact us to find out more.

This is a frequently asked question that our experts at The Private Jet Company have heard from potential buyers, charter customers, or even existing owners, which motivated us to create our unique consulting services for exclusive clients and consist of analyzing flight missions profiles together with the owner’s needs and financial preferences. Based on detailed financial analysis of these factors, our team will present various alternatives to help you choose the best financial and strategic outcomes.

Yes, we have developed an comprehensive database of pilots, technicians and flight attendants over the last 20 years of combined experience and also working with several aviation staffing companies to provide the best crew profiles within the shortest time for our clients.

Without a detailed audit, it is difficult to know if you are being overcharged by your management company. However, The Private Jet Company can help you go over your bills and compare those with what other management companies are charging.