Leasing a Private Jet

private jet leasingInterested in leasing an aircraft?

TPJC has completed dozens of aircraft leases from a Citation Mustang to a Boeing 767-200ER.


Why leasing?

  • If you charter more than 100 Hrs. per year

  • Less expensive than purchasing (smaller down payment and greater liquidity on the long term)

  • Financial flexibility

  • No ownership liability

  • No depreciation

  • No long term debt or residual value concern.


Types of leases we offer:

  • Dry Lease

  • You would pay a monthly lease rate for the aircraft with a refundable deposit and would be responsible for all expenses including pilots, maintenance and insurance.

  • Wet Lease (or ACMI)

  • This is an all-inclusive lease rate with the Aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance. 


Typical lease terms are:

  • Length: 1 to 60 months

  • Base: Anywhere in the world

  • Monthly cost: 1% to 3% of aircraft value based in credit review.

  • We can also custom tailor a lease to your requirements.

Call us to find out more.