Leasing a Private Jet

private jet leasingInterested in leasing an aircraft?

TPJC has completed dozens of aircraft leases from a Citation Mustang to a Boeing 767-200ER.

Why leasing?

  • If you charter more than 100 Hrs. per year
  • Less expensive than purchasing (smaller down payment and greater liquidity on the long term)
  • Financial flexibility
  • No ownership liability
  • No depreciation
  • No long term debt or residual value concern.

Types of leases we offer:

  • Dry Lease
  • You would pay a monthly lease rate for the aircraft with a refundable deposit and would be responsible for all expenses including pilots, maintenance and insurance.
  • Wet Lease (or ACMI)
  • This is an all-inclusive lease rate with the Aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance.


Typical lease terms are:

  • Length: 1 to 60 months
  • Base: Anywhere in the world
  • Monthly cost: 1% to 3% of aircraft value based in credit review.
  • We can also custom tailor a lease to your requirements.
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Private Jet Leasing FAQs

At The Private Jet Company, we have completed a large number of short term leases from one month to several months, all over the world, for our clients who had their aircraft down for maintenance or other reasons.

Yes, we can insert a purchase option in the lease agreement, which generally consists of a deduction of the portion of the lease already paid towards the purchase price, generally from 20% up to 50%. The purchase price could either be determined at the beginning of the lease or when the lessee decides to purchase it before the lease term.

Yes, TPJC experts can help you negotiate it with the owner.

By not holding the aircraft title, a lessee will not be able to benefit from depreciation for tax purposes. However, this is also an advantage for a lessee because no matter what the market drives the value of the aircraft into, and major value losses have happened during crisis, only the owner will be impacted and not the lessee.