Private Aircraft Acquisition Services

acquisition servicesWhy choose TPJC to purchase an aircraft?

For over 20 years, we have helped our clients achieve what they wanted: A seamless aircraft buy or sell transaction with no surprises at the best value.

Hiring a consultant to purchase an aircraft is a difficult decision and choice. We have been saving our clients significant time and money purchasing or selling their private aircraft. When hiring us, our clients have the peace of mind knowing that they are working with a reputable and experienced company. We have completed transaction on hundreds of aircraft and we assist at all steps of the transaction including:

Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with our clients and ensure satisfaction PRE and POST transaction.

Private Jet Acquisition FAQs

Buying an aircraft on your own is like building a new house without a general contractor and assistance. The Private Jet Company’s role is to defend its clients’ interests and assist them during all the steps of the acquisition process by bringing our internal resources, knowledge, and experience. Among the 40 aircraft transactions the Company’s team of experts complete every year on average, 80% are acquisitions, and our clients realized the savings (time and money) they have achieved by hiring us

Purchasing an aircraft is a very complex process with very expensive risks on the short, medium, and long term. The seller’s broker’s role is to defend his client’s interests by reducing his risk exposure and expenses during the sale, and by closing as fast as possible. This places TPJC on the other side of the net as our role is to defend our purchaser’s interests and help him take the right decisions, and save money and time. The Private Jet Company is paid by the party whom we represent, therefore it would be the purchaser in this case.

The short answer is No. TPJC is only getting paid upon successful closing and in most cases directly from escrow, therefore none of its clients have to prepay for our services and TPJC is assuming the risks associated with investing time and resources without certitude of a closing. Our clients can also terminate our engagement at any point if they are not satisfied.

It is highly recommended to ask for the help of an aviation consulting firm even if a buyer has already determined which aircraft specifically to purchase. Finding an aircraft only represents 10% of the acquisition process. The remaining 90% are where come the risks and where buyers need assistance. TPJC’s experience, knowledge, and resources are devoted to our clients and help them save time and money and reduce the risks.

Even if the average time to complete a transaction leans around two to six months, The Private Jet Company has completed transactions in less than a week. Our records is actually is 5 days from LOI to Closing. It all depends on the aircraft, the seller’s ability to move fast, and of course on the buyer’s ability to perform quickly. TPJC can certainly help its clients achieve this target.

The Buyer usually presents to the Seller his desired pre purchase inspection facility and The Private Jet Company will certainly help convince the seller to accept the desired facility. Depending on the aircraft, we can choose the factory or any major shops around the globe. We also help tailor the inspection work scope with our engineers based on the aircraft historical maintenance records and inspections status. Our goal is to cover all the necessary items and to lower your maintenance exposure once you own the aircraft.

Most aircraft brokers do not have the required knowledge to help buyers with structuring a purchasing entity, but The Private Jet Company does. We can coordinate the creation of a company or trust structure depending on your situation and requirements so you can benefit from tax advantages and have your name remain confidential.

It depends on the country and the aircraft current equipment and previous maintenance but The Private Jet Company experts can help determine the costs to make the aircraft compliant with your country’s regulations. 20% of our transactions are international involving change of registration and airworthiness requirements.

Beside the aircraft purchase cost, here are the general associated costs: $7,500-30,000 for legal fees, $5,000-80,000 for pre-purchase inspection, $2,000-4,000 for escrow fees, $5,000 for registration fees, and other fees if required such as tax advice fee, aircraft relocation costs, export/import associated costs, company creation if needed, etc… We can help determine these costs based on the aircraft and your requirements.

The expert broker team at TPJC handles all communications with lawyers, technicians, representatives, escrow agents, maintenance facilities & programs, inspection facility, registration & insurance agents, crew and management organizations, etc. in order to defend the private jet aircraft buyer’s interests.

It all depend on your tax situation but TPJC experts can help buyers determine if and how they could benefit such tax advantage. We would need to understand more about your tax and income type situation, and our aviation tax attorney is here to assist you and your CPA.

This is part of our services and we will investigate any aircraft records and historical data, along with performing a preliminary on-site inspection with our technicians to determine if we should move to the next steps of the transaction or move onto another aircraft.