Private Jets for Sale

Searching for Your Next Airplane

Private aircraft buyers most often start looking for jets for sale by searching Google, gathering information on various makes & models, their performance characteristics, plus their condition, age, price and other information about specific jets for sale. Most private airplane buyers use standard phrases like: “airplanes for sale”, “private jets for sale” or “aircraft for sale” for their search.

Some private jet buyers prefer more specific terms that include a manufacturer’s name along with the aircraft model number, and configuration features such as a distinct cabin layout or upgraded avionics package. However, even using very specific terms when searching for aircraft for sale online, results may not show many listings due to variations in identification; for example, “Gulfstream G550” vs. “Gulfstream G-550.” More inclusive searches, such as “2017 Gulfstream heavy jet” may yield more results.

Finding the Right Airplane – and Value – For Your Needs

Over the past several years, global economic conditions led to record levels of pre-owned private aircraft listed for sale, ranging from smaller, propeller-driven airplanes to the largest, most advanced, and most luxurious intercontinental business jets. This truly resulted in a “buyer’s market” with buyer able to select from a large number of quality aircraft, often for comparatively low prices.

Of course, a low price should not necessarily be the most important consideration; discriminating buyers always seek the best overall value. An aircraft’s ownership pedigree is also extremely important, including detailed records regarding ownership, maintenance, and usage.  Finding all the relevant details will separate the finest available private aircraft from all the rest.

A private aircraft that was previously maintained exclusively through factory-authorized service centers or programs, will command a premium price – and will likely not be available for sale for long; conversely, aircraft lacking detailed histories, or which may have sat unused for year or more, are far less desirable – at any price.