Private Jet Management Placement

private jet managementPrivate Aircraft Management Placement

Since we are not an aircraft management company we provide an UNBIASED approach to recommendations for our clients. With over 300 management companies in the US alone many owners do not have the time and knowledge to evaluate the best Opportunities. Whether you want more charter hours or free WiFi we have the right operator and program for you and together craft the terms and conditions that fit each client’s needs.

The Private Jet Company has even created a triple net lease program with some operators wherein the owner has NO exposure to fixed or variable expenses and instead receives a flat monthly lease fee.

The large majority of our private jet aircraft acquisition clients place their aircraft with an aircraft management firm.

The role of an aircraft management firm is to provide comprehensive operations, maintenance, training, safety, regulatory and charter services for their client owner aircraft while preserving the value of the aviation asset.


Our long-term successful criteria for recommending an Aircraft Management Company to our aircraft buyers are the following:

  • What is the history of the management company providing aircraft management services?

  • What is the company’s financial stability and creditworthiness?

  • How convenient is the management company’s physical location to the aircraft owner’s home base?

  • Does the management company operate Part 91 and Part 135 programs?

  • Can the management company meet the client’s operational requirements?

  • What is the company’s safety record?

  • Is the company Argus and Wyvern rated?

  • Are the pilots dedicated to the client’s specific aircraft or are pool-pilots utilized?

  • What is the management company’s capacity to charter the aircraft?

  • How many charter hours per month can the company effectively and efficiently manage?

  • What is the management company’s commitment to the Owner when the Owner’s aircraft is unavailable due to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance?


How does the aircraft owner benefit from an Aircraft Management program:

  • The management company can recruit, hire, train, qualify, recertify and handle pilots and cabin staff and their payroll

  • The management company can manage all aspects of the Owner’s flight experience from refueling, insurance, crew training, catering, flight readiness, etc.

  • The management company ensures the owner benefits from all available fleet discounts for fuel, insurance, training and subscriptions

  • The management company handles all aspects of the aircraft’s scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

  • The management company handles all aspects of the aircraft’s required inspections and applicable record keeping

  • The management company ensures full timely compliance with required Safety, Compliance and Regulatory

  • The management company ensures full timely compliance with 3rd. party Safety Audits and ratings

  • The management company ensures compliance with required and recommended domestic and international regulations, such as FAA, DOT, ICAO.

  • The management company works on behalf of the aircraft owner to ensure the best currently available charter revenue generation.

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