Our Private Jet Sales Team

Dan Jennings

Daniel Jennings


Daniel C. Jennings is the founder and President of TPJC. He leads the firm’s strategic direction and oversees its sales division. Under his leadership, Mr. Jennings has created an entrepreneurial culture which has led to successful growth of the firm throughout the world. Mr. Jennings acquired his extensive experience in aircraft sales and acquisitions since 2003, having managed over $1.5 billion worth of transactions for individuals, governments and corporate clients. Prior to the formation of TPJC, Mr. Jennings successfully built, managed and sold several start-up ventures to private-equity backed investors. Mr. Jennings began his career in the finance industry, having worked in institutional sales for REFCO in New York City. Mr. Jennings is frequent speaker on the aviation industry and has appeared on national media outlets, including Bloomberg, Fox News, CNN, New York Post, New York Times and Forbes magazine. He is a licensed pilot and an active member of NBAA.

Direct: +1 310-980-9069
Office: +1 561-691-3545
Email: Dan@ThePrivateJetCompany.com

Sebastien Pluchard

Executive Vice President

Pluchard acquired his vast experience in the aviation industry since 2009, having worked for an airport, an airline, an aircraft MRO, an aircraft brokerage company, and for an aviation charity association he founded. In 2011, he joined TPJC to help develop and expand the Company on a global basis.  Sebastien specializes in international transactions, including sales, acquisitions, and leasing.   He is also responsible for supervising TPJC’s marketing and development strategies.  Sebastien is a member of the NBAA and serves as the committee chair of SFBAA.  He is an alumnus of SKEMA Business School and Florida Institute of Technology, where he obtained a dual Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Aviation, followed by a Master of Science in Aviation Management. He is also a licensed FAA and JAA commercial and aerobatic pilot, and speaks fluent English, French, and Spanish. His background, competencies, knowledge and skills provide clients an exceptional level of expertise and support.

Direct: +1 321-212-9507
Office: +1 561-691-3545
Email: Sebastien@ThePrivateJetCompany.com

Mitch Walker

VP Sales & Acquisitions

As a veteran aviation sales executive, Mitchell Walker brings years of experience to our Company. He joined our team in 2019 as an associate broker.  His broad knowledge base and commitment to impeccable customer service in parallel with keen negotiating skills has earned him respect among his peers and clients.

He is credited with developing and executing sales and marketing strategies on a global platform with average annual sales revenues upwards of $50 million dollars.

Mitchell is a proud alumnus of Florida Atlantic University.

Office: +1 561-691-3545
Email: Mitch@ThePrivateJetCompany.com

David Mejia

VP Latin America

Mr. David Mejia joined as Vice President Latin America, bringing a wealth of sales and operations experience, an approachable personality, and a passion for the business. Mr. Mejia has an accomplished background in the private aviation industry, supported by his wealth of experience and exceptional management skills. Mr. Mejia has previously served as Vice President of Charter Sales at JetSmarter. Earlier in his career, he held the position of Charter Sales Director for one of the most respected heavy jet operators in the industry Windsor Jet. Mr. Mejia served also as Vice President of sales at Chapman Freeborn Air Chartering. Earlier he held the position of charter broker, for the same firm, where he was able to learn and develop all the technical details and knowledge involved in setting up and manage any air charter operation.

Mr. Mejia also held different sales executive position in very respectable cargo and passenger airlines such us Centurion Air Cargo, Aviana-Tampa Cargo and Martin Air. He graduated from Florida International University (FIU) earning a bachelor’s in business administration with a major in international business and it is currently getting his Masters degree in Business Administration in Aviation at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He currently resides in South Florida with his two lovely daughters and wife. As a commercial Multi-Engine Pilot and SIC typed on the Learjet 60, he enjoys flying airplanes and also volunteer his time to serve our country in the US Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol) and US Coast Guard Auxiliary, where he flies as a Mission Pilot doing search and rescue missions.

Cell: +1 786-253-5377
Fax: +1 310-919-3977
Email: David@ThePrivateJetCompany.com

Bryan Hodges

VP of Aircraft Sales & Acquisition

Mr. Bryan Hodges is a seasoned aviation professional with 16 years experience providing private jet services to the high net worth marketplace, owners of privately held companies, and corporate America involving over $1.5B in transaction revenue. Prior to assisting clients with their private jet needs Mr. Hodges worked as a consultant in the financial services field with Merrill Lynch and Sagemark Consulting, a division of Lincoln Financial Group. Mr. Hodges is a licensed helicopter pilot and graduated from the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill. In addition, Mr. Hodges earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Global Technology Management from American Intercontinental University. Bryan joined The Private Jet Company in 2022. 

Cell: +1 941-504-6324
Email: Bryan@ThePrivateJetCompany.com

Jake Ramos

Market Research Analyst

Jake Ramos is the youngest entrepreneur on the great team of The Private Jet Company. Majoring in business management alongside running his own business he is driven as the new Market Research Analyst. Lineage within his own family is what drove him to start in the aviation industry. He believes every aircraft has a story, and his role as a Research Analyst is to uncover the history and provide the most detailed information he can. 

Cell: +1 802-760-8548
Email: Jake@ThePrivateJetCompany.com

Robert Baron

Webmaster & SEO Manager

Robert has been Webmaster and SEO manager for TPJC since 2010 and managed 4 Website rebuild projects during these years.

He is focused on the TPJC Website having high organic Search Engine Rankings on Google, Yahoo & Edge browsers, as part of TPJC’s ongoing Worldwide Marketing efforts.

Robert is also responsible for the TPJC website’s high UIX (Usability) for ease of operation by our clients on the various Browsers & Mobile devices in use by our clients.

We are continually enhancing & upgrading our website and a new version will be introduced shortly to add new features and functions to even further enhance the user experience.

Email: Robert@ThePrivateJetCompany.com