Bombardier Challenger 601


Passenger Capacity 9 to 11
Baggage Capacity 115 ft3
Airspeed (nm) 459
Cabin width 8' 2"
Cabin Length 28' 4"
Cabin Height 6' 1"
Lavatory Full
Range (nm) 2500-3500

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Introduced in 1983, the Challenger 601 took all the positive attributes of the original Challenger 600 - notably it's wide, "walk-around" cabin and incredibly robust airframe - and replaced the earlier aircraft's Avro Lycoming engines with two modern General Electric CF43-1A turbofan engines designed for high-utilization commercial airline service. Combined with an improved flight control system and drag-reducing winglets, these enhancements mean the Challenger 601 is well-suited for frequent cross-country trips under rigorous conditions. Later variants within the 601 line include such desirable features as additional fuel capacity in a tail-mounted tank, and further aerodynamic and performance improvements that give the aircraft a top cruise speed of 459 knots, and a long-range cruise at Mach .74.

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