Bombardier Global 6000


Passenger Capacity 8 to 19
Baggage Capacity 195 ft3
Airspeed (nm) 513
Cabin width 8' 2"
Cabin Length 48' 4"
Cabin Height 6' 3"
Lavatory Full (2)
Range (nm) 5000

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Formerly known as the Global Express XRS, in 2011 Bombardier renamed its flagship ultra-long range jet as the Global 6000 to bring its naming convention in line with the rest of the Global family (the model number represents its approximate nautical mile range) and to mark the debut of the Global Vision cockpit and new interior enhancements. The Global 6000's range allows non-stop flights between London and Tokyo, Los Angeles and Moscow, and New York and Kuwait with eight passengers and four crewmembers enjoying the ultimate in onboard comfort and aircraft capability, with the spacious cabin offering the largest and longest seated compartment of any purpose-built business jet, providing ample floor area to accommodate a choice of three-compartment configurations.

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