COVID-19 Increases Demand for Private Jets

There is real uncertainty and volatility in the Private Aviation market related to COVID-19 right now. Overall, businesses and individuals will need to charter, lease or acquire private jets in 2020 for reasons directly related to the current crisis.
  • Commercial Airlines have already started to reduce service on historically low demand routes and passengers in non-hub cities will have fewer and fewer commercial flight options without additional new stopovers.
  • Major corporate shareholders, senior management and executives, especially those with health concerns, will likely request their Companies for more and more private flights to avoid contracting a COVID-19 Viral infection
  • Significantly increased Non-Commercial corporate travel demand will exceed the available Private Aircraft fleets as Worldwide Corporate buyers will likely increase the demand for corporate ownership or increased private charters.
  • The most recent 2019 Credit Suisse Ultra High Net Worth Report estimated there are over 80,000 adults worth over USD 50 million in the United States alone, with more than an equal number in China, Russia and the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Currently only a little over 2,000 Private Aircraft are On-the Market For Sale Worldwide of any vintage.
The Buyer/Seller Dilemma
Attempting  to “Time the Market” is impossible, regardless if it’s the Stock, Bond or Private Aircraft market . No one knows precisely how long the market downturn will be and how fast the recovery occurs. The history of all market downturns shows that they all come to an end sooner or later. When demand begins to exceed the supply for private aircraft, the private aviation market will start turning around and based on our over a decade of experience, prices for private jets will increase at a rapid pace . To illustrate, the 2003-2007 demand growth far exceeded supply when International wealth increased rapidly worldwide resulting in significant annual price increases each year for preowned aircraft. (chart of actual year over year annual transaction volumes shown below).


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