Encouraging Signs that President Trump will Make Private Aviation Great Again

Feb 1, 2017 – The Private Jet Company Announced today:

Since the U.S. presidential election sent ripples throughout the political landscape, we notice marketplace trends to indicate that private aircraft owners, operators, and users will have reason to cheer as Donald Trump took office last month.

“There are enough positive signs of President Trump’s appreciation and enthusiasm for the Private Aviation industry that we expect to see as much as a 10% increase in demand for private aviation over the first 100 days of his administration,” said Daniel Jennings, President of The Private Jet Company a dedicated private jet sales brokerage firm.

First and foremost, Trump is a decades-long user and advocate for utilizing private aircraft to conduct business. For close to 40 years, his multiple enterprises have directly benefitted from the unparalleled speed, flexibility, security, and efficiency available by the use of private flights, and his personal Business Jet Boeing 757-200 became a widely-recognized and near-iconic symbol of his presidential campaign.

With such a powerful advocate in the White House, private aviation stakeholders expect strong government backing for programs and policies that will benefit this vital industry. These range from tax incentives such as extending bonus depreciation, which allows private jet owners to realize the depreciation benefits of an eligible asset more quickly, to exploring new methods for rapid deployment of important airport infrastructure and airspace management technologies.

This attitude stands in marked contrast to the previous administration, which seldom overlooked an opportunity to demonize the use of private flights. “The Trump win looks positive for bizjet demand given the post-election stock surge, economic stimulus from an expected lower tax rate and less regulation, and shift away from President Obama’s anti-bizjet rhetoric,” noted Cowen and Co. analyst, in a report cited in a recent article by Bloomberg News.

Furthermore, these attitudes will likely extend across Pennsylvania Avenue. The president-elect has nominated several experienced business leaders, many of whom are also utilize private flights, to Cabinet-level positions. These officials will lead agencies with direct influence over policies impacting private aircraft owners, and they will also be working with multiple congressional lawmakers who share ties to the private aircraft industry.

“In addition, Trump’s steadfast focus on the nation’s economy also points to the implementation of financial policies that will improve the health and robustness of American companies, including the majority of business aircraft manufacturers that are either based in the United States, or have significant operations and workforces here,” Jennings added.

Multiple statements by President-elect Trump on the need to improve our nation’s transportation infrastructure are also encouraging, and it appears that Republicans and Democrats alike are preparing to focus their legislative planning on these necessary improvements, including those to the U.S. commercial and private aviation systems.

“Indeed, President Trump may be the strongest proponent for private aviation that we’ve ever had in the White House,” Jennings concluded. “Our entire industry has reason to be optimistic that his administration will help ‘Make Private Aviation Great Again.’

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